Health News Core TechnicalStrength of New System

Please observe hand-out A. To view handout A see link at end of article

This article is about a discussion of the new sophisticated health care system suggested in article 2.
I am going to intentionally jump right into the middle of how the profile pattern such a system would be applied, so don’t be concerned if you are unable to fit all the pieces of the system together immediately.

Hopefully this block diagram in handout A will help bring the 100 test profile pattern of health information more into perspective to give you a better idea as to the extreme breadth and depth of the information gathering capacity of this system. I might add here that the same laboratory (100 test) profile is used thorough-out the system–at both the national research center and the state diagnostic centers.

The top block diagram represents the 100 separate tests at five graduations each–approximately 100 dots across with five lines of dots representing the 5 possible test levels for each test.

Below this block, on the left side of page, you see the two block diagrams that represent the individual’s health as well as environment. We know that any blood test taken reflects directly on our health and indirectly on our environment. This is represented on the far left with the dotted lines and arrows, showing that the blood tests reflect on both.

The vertical line extending from the bottom of the large 100-test block represents connection of the output of the 100 test profile pattern to both the research center (lower right) and the state diagnostic center.

In addition to the profile pattern test result information, the new medical research information system also needs to know just what the individual’s actual physical environment and present health conditions are. In other words, just what is it physically that those 100 blood tests are actually representing, what are they testing? We will be discussing environmental issues shortly and we will come back and explain the environmental report data. As for the health data output, shown here, that will be information provided by the physician as the result of a physical examination, including patient and family health histories.

All of the data fed into the State Diagnostic Center
and the National Research Center are provided by the physician’s office–including the results of the blood tests, the environmental report, and the patient’s physical examination report.

Please note that this information, being all from one individual, is referred to as case #1 where it enters the National Research Center on the lower right hand section of the chart. The same information is fed into the state diagnostic center, but for now we will skip over that, and concentrate on the Research Center. Please note that on the bottom of the Research Center block diagram, there is also a line that represents a reflection of tens of millions of other cases of input. All of the above input information would be repeated tens of millions of times from tens of millions of individuals (The motivation needed for use of the system by individuals and patients is fully discussed in the book. There would be very strong motivation even in the early stages of the system).

Now, if you would, please refer to the far lower left-hand corner of the handout for a minute, in order to better understand why (and how) the 100 individual tests provide far more information than the 100 individual bits of data. Let’s take a look at a situation that most of us are very familiar with. Among other considerations, common tests by our doctor during an office visit are body temperature and two blood pressure measurements. I have these three tests shown, drawn in at one of ten possible levels.

As an example let’s say your body temperature was very high, at 106. Now that in itself would of course be very significant, but it would obviously not provide the doctor with enough information for an accurate diagnosis. Say we now bring the blood pressure tests into the picture, the doctor would also of course need to know what those specific test level results were. Now there are three test result levels involved and if the results of any one of the three vary significantly it could obviously affect the diagnosis–of what our physical condition is. Most of us realize how important these test level results are. So, the diagnosis is, in effect, limited to the relationship of the individual test results to each other, which will be referred to for simplification as the “combination of the test results”. We can see that each combination of test the level results would represent a certain health related condition, — especially with the use of more tests.

Also, to illustrate the rapid buildup of test result data, it’s difficult to believe, that mathematically we actually have 1000 possible combinations involved in this limited three test example. These are combinations that could be read by a computer for possible meaningful results. All 1000 combinations would not likely provide meaningful information and of course could be eliminated where it was shown that those particular combinations were of little or no value. However, one could expect a large percentage to be of significance, especially so if the computer were used to also correlate all of the possible results directly to human health conditions.

Health News The Secret To Good Health Is Simple

How good is your health?

Most people forget that good health is the greatest asset they can have in life.

They work hard all their lives without taking proper care of themselves
for many years until one day they break down.

Don’t wait until you’ve a nervous break down, to face the reality.

You should balance your activities with the proper amount of rest.

Some of the leading experts in the field of aging now believe that regular exercise along with the proper amount of rest may actually add years to the life span.

Results from a number of tests indicate that speed and muscular strength of many of the elderly can be extended.

Leading authorities agree that this new data is going to shatter many of the myths about aging and physical performance.

The conclusion now is that the performance and ability of the elderly has long been underestimated, diet, proper sleep and exercise along with rest and relaxation are all important factors in preserving our bodies.

Laughter is one of the best things for your mental and physical state.

People are naturally attracted to someone who has a good sense of humor.

You can develop a good outlook and a good sense of humor by associating with and surrounding yourself with pleasant happy people.

Recognize that stress is a killer. A life filled with stress can really wreak havoc on your body causing a number of illnesses such as hear attacks, strokes, asthma, gastric problems, menstrual disorders, ulcerative colitis, angina, irritable colon, increased blood pressure, ulcers, headaches, etc.

There are different types of stress such as mental, emotional and physical.

Emotional stress seems to take the greatest toll on everyone.

All stress is not bad; in fact, life would not be very interesting if it were not met with challenges.

However, too much stress, too often with no effective and appropriate outlet, does not allow the body and soul to recuperate.

You might review a typical week to see if you can identify things that might be making you anxious or causing you stress.

Once identified, stressors can be attacked and eliminated.

Are you a worrier? Chronic worriers don’t have more serious problems than others – they just think they do.

Many worriers try to cope by trying not to think about their problems, but this just makes things worse.

Doctors say that chronic worriers feel less anxious if they actually spend a half-hour a day thinking specifically about their problems.

Get plenty of exercise. People who are physically fit look good and feel good.

A good exercise regimen will lengthen your life. Improve your appearance, build self confidence and help delay the aging process.

Remember that you need to do something physical every day.

If you don’t use your joints, quite simply they’ll tighten up with age to create the stooped, bent and worn out appearance we so often associate with old age.

Studies have shown that people with arthritis experience less pain if they continue to keep their joints flexible.

As one gets older, the bones tend to get brittle which is why it is common for senior citizens to break bones and especially their hips when they fall.

Eating right, getting proper sleep and learning to relax are all very valuable in maintaining a healthy body and mind.

And keep in mind that eating healthy foods and avoiding those high in fats, sodium and cholesterol will help to decrease your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and associated problems.

May these good health news and insights help you to live a longer, healthy and happy life.

Why We Need More Skepticism in Environmental and Health News

Skepticism is the act of refusing to believe a claim without proof (unlike climate-change ‘skeptics’, who refuse to believe claims with very credible proof). Environmental news is filled with extremism or conspiracy theories, with people unscientifically predicting the end of world. Health news is similar, with snake oil salesmen and miracle cures being sold by almost every site that claims to provide health news.

The biggest problem in environmental news by far the amount of conspiracy theorists, with sites like ENEnews telling of a world-wide cover-up of the Fukushima “disaster” despite the lack of a realistic disaster scenario. The second largest problem is both the Global Warming and Climate Change deniers and extremists. The deniers help to spread the lies that Climate Change or Global Warming isn’t real, using non-arguments like “global cooling” (which never had any following among the scientific community) or that a few degrees in temperature change isn’t really that bad. Extremists are unscientific as well, promoting conspiracy theories that predict the end of the earth, and while I agree pollution and global warming are both awful, and they should be one of our priorities, they aren’t the most important thing.

The field of health news is by far worse, with hugely popular sites promoting pseudoscience of the miracle cures of homeopathy, faith healing, or chiropractic medicine. People who go against their manufactured grain in this area are beaten down by the promoters of quackery, mainly because emotions are far easier and faster to use as a source than actual data. These promoters of quackery will call anyone who doesn’t believe in alternative medicine a paid shill, someone who promotes the pharmaceutical industry in their writing, despite big business’ being behind much of alternative medicine as well, especially homeopathy. Another problem in this field is the co-opting of issues like organic food, which is now an awful industry that exists solely to make a profit on people who think they’re actually eating good foods, the local food movement is far better if you want to have a healthy meal. Modern day organic is simply a re-branding done by big-business, with a few changes in how they operate, yet it is still the same corporations doing all the farming.

There are a few sources of skeptical information, mainly sites run by people who are already far too busy to debate with every person with an illogical point of view. The skeptics are by far less numerous than the promoters of quackery or “woo”, which is why we need more sources of skepticism.

Current Health News Sources Need to Be Reliable

Having constant access to new information and current health news is an exciting part of modern life. But recently there have been a number of email hoaxes and internet scams that have resulted in a more cautious public when it comes to finding out the latest in health bulletins. Your best bet when searching for medical information online is a website that does not attempt to sell anything and does not require a paid membership to view the contents.

Emails are still the number one source for medical misinformation. A rather disturbing email hoax that made the rounds recently told people that they were getting a virus from boxes mailed from a specific company. The company received endless calls asking about the “virus” and there were a number of people that not only called but asked where their boxes were, stating that they were clients of the company and willing to risk the imaginary virus in order to get the nonexistent box.

Another unreliable source for current health news is any internet site that sells a product that is supposed to cure whatever terrible disease that the same site is stating is an epidemic. First the scam artists discuss in urgent tones a life threatening illness and then they claim that best cure is the medicine or equipment they are selling. Any medical information site that tries to scare you into buying something is not a good source of information.

Some sites actually ask for money before they give you answers. Membership fees, answer fees, or access fees are all names for basically charging you for information that should be publicly available to all. Most medical information is available via search engines but it can be a bit laborious slogging through all the search engine results. It’s great to have one site that you can do a search on for a specific topic or just review current health news, but not if the purpose of the site is to make money off of you. There are several high quality websites that you can access that provide excellent medical information and news without charging you.

Be sure and be cautious when looking for up to date medical news and information. Find a reliable website that does not charge you, and make sure that you take all email notifications with more than a grain of salt.

Updating the Self With the Latest Health News in Different Ways

Health is man’s lifetime wealth. Keeping the body healthy and strong must be part of every individual’s priority. As you can see, having a physically fit body enables an individual to do his tasks effectively without any delay. Moreover, it allows him to persevere and do his best towards the realization of his goals and dreams. Keep in mind that having a healthy body is the only key for survival and so it must be given with much attention.

If the body is weak, the mind cannot do its task well. And if the mind is not working, the body becomes weak and seems to have lost its energy. These are just the effects if an individual’s body and mind is not coordinated. This is what happens if all the aspects that make up an individual are unhealthy. There has been health news of people experiencing health illnesses due to stress, over fatigue, depression, living a sedentary lifestyle and having habits that are hard to break. They are better known as people who are abusive and just takes for granted their health.

When an individual experiences health illnesses, the body as well as the mind are not working well due to the rapid spread or attack of viruses and bacteria inside the body. If an individual has a weak immune system, definitely it will be easy for the unknown viruses to harbour inside the different body organs and thus will lead to death if left untreated. It is sad to hear that many have been left untreated with their illnesses due the reason that there is no cure for the disease or there are no enough financial resources that will fund for the hospital expenses.

The problem with most individuals right now is that they take for granted the chances of making the body healthy. Aside from that, they do not take into consideration the consequences of their actions for instance when they smoke. Smoking brings different health illnesses and is one of the major factors that contribute to the development of a disease.

If you are greatly concerned over your health, you must learn to value it. Be open to changes and open your doors for different health activities such as exercising, being actively involved in a certain sport and performing simple relaxation techniques. Another helpful tip that will make you achieve good health is through listening to health news and reading medical journals that way you will be informed the latest on how to effectively care for the self.

There are plenty of ways wherein you can be updated with the latest medical news. You can be informed and be alarmed when you listen to breaking medical news when you watch television or when you listen to the radio. You can read magazines, newspapers and journals focusing on an individual’s health. There is even plenty of health news when you will simply surf the internet. One click and all sorts of health news and updates will be seen and laid right in front of you.

As of this point, it is already very dangerous to get sick. It is more stressful when we deal about expenses and how we could ever find cure. It is really important that you pay attention to all the dimensions of your life. Do not just rely but rather be always on the go and move so you can survive.